Program & certificates

A unique Executive HR MBA dedicated to professionals who wish to give a more international dimension to their profile through experienced-based program.

hr mba


WEEK 1/ Business Complexity & HR Strategy

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HR as a strategic positioner

  • Identifying Business HR challenges 2020
  • Balancing exploitation and exploration
  • Developing innovative HR competences
  • Discovering new HR models


WEEK 2/ International HR benchmark learning expedition

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HR as an Intercultural Navigator

  • Diversity of management and HR philosophies
  • The impact of cultures on global business
  • Cross fertilization between business models, sectors and cultures
  • Understanding our cultural filters through first-hand experience


WEEK 3/ Purposeful leadership

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HR as Credible Activist, HR leadership

  • You as a leader
  • Leadership research and trends
  • Leadership and Culture


WEEK 4/ Stakeholder and compliance management

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HR as a Compliance Manager

  • Creating value for stakeholders
  • Managing Social risks 
  • Designing meaningful work


WEEK 5/ Change & Cultural Transformation

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HR as a Culture and Change champion

  • Succeeding change projects
  • Transforming the HR function
  • Leading Cultural transformation
  • Asserting HR’s role in M/A, JV, partnerships


WEEK 6/ Talent Management Strategy


HR as a Human Capital Curator (1)

  • Talent strategic impact
  • Grooming future leaders: leadership models, leader postures
  • Talent and Total Rewards
  • Driving strategic competencies: Workforce planning
  • Knowledge management
  • Corporate universities: HR roles and organization


WEEK 7/ Talent Management Operations

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HR as a Human Capital Curator (2)

  • Sourcing, Attracting, Employer branding
  • Developing talent, succession plan implementation
  • Talent diversity - Driving individual performance
  • Designing appropriate Compensation & Benefits policies and processes
  • Strategizing International mobility


WEEK 8/ HR Data, Technology & Innovation


Hr as an Analytic Designer, Interpreter and a Media Integrator

  • HR digitalization: from rear-view (lag) metrics to predictive (lead) analytics,
  • HR information systems,
  • HR data protection,
  • Social media, learning systems
  • Data: acquire appropriate and relevant data, interpret it for the business
  • Innovation processes


WEEK 9/ HR consultant as navigating paradoxes


HR as a Paradox Navigator

  • Strategic questions and operational solutions
  • Internal focus on employers and external focus on customers and investors
  • Gathering information (analysis) and making timely decisions (recommendations)
  • Need for change and stability
  • Managing global, centralized and local decentralized dynamics



  • EXPERIENTAL - Immersive weeks addressing real-life needs in top companies.
  • INTRAPRENEURIAL - Participants take consulting postures, individually and in small groups.
  • INSPIRATIONAL - Learning expeditions in France and abroad to discover new ways of working globally.


Create your own path

IGS Certificates

You can create your own curriculum that specifically suits your needs and interests, based on thematic weeks proposed. 
Get an IGS Certificate aligned to your skills development objectives:

  • International Business Complexity, HR Strategy and Organisation 
  • International Strategic Talent Management  
  • Digitalisation, Data and transformation through international scope
  • Leadership in international context




The seven day international HR benchmark learning expedition in Bangalore 3500 € + travel and accommodation